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Whether you are looking for professional business writers to write your business plan, do content writing, technical or business writing, policy and procedure manual, or other technical or business writing, our writing services can help.  We have professional writers that we will match with your project.
Advertisements—Write and design ads to submit to publications for various types of industries, including a women’s accessory designer.
Animated Explainer Videos—Create for various businesses, including a communication


Articles-- Instructional and informative articles; also interview prominent people and

movie stars for various articles; write educational, profile, and nonfiction articles for

national publications.  We write columns and articles on writing, health, physical

exercise, and crafts, have published in national publications, and written for a variety

of clients.
Banners—Design and prepare banners ready for printing.  Many companies use these

at trade shows, including licensed seller of Ironclad Basketball Hoops.
Biography— Write biographies of business people or medical professionals.
Blog Posts—Research and write blogs for a variety of industries, including authors, health club, drug testing, mattresses, and realtors.
Books-- Write books on:  teaching various subjects, exercise books, cookbooks, fiction, short stories, physical exercises, job hunting, business writing, and creative writing.
Book Descriptions—Descriptions for books including adult coloring books.
Book Reviews—Written for authors to post on Amazon.
Brochures—We have written and designed various sizes of brochures for various industries including an essential oil company, and a limo service.
Business Cards—Design business cards to be print-ready. We have designed some great cards for a personal trainer, a fashion designer, a handyman, and others.
Business Plans—Regardless of the business plan, we can write them, as we have for a big real estate development, a non-emergency medical transportation company, and a touring company.
Business Communications—Create business letters and form letters, as we have for several publishing companies and contractors.
Business Photos—We can take pictures of your (local) business.
Business Proposals—Regardless the proposal, we can write it as we have for others including a member of NAACP, and a health retreat.
Business Writing Courses—We can conduct courses at your business, and design them for your business.
Charts & Graphs—We place your data on a chart or graph for a great presentation.
Complaint Letters—Whether your complaint is against a business or professional, we do our research and get action.
Contracts-- Employee contracts, confidentiality agreements, other contracts, including for real estate companies.
Cookbooks—Now you can put those favorite recipes into a cookbook to sell or give to loved ones, as we have done for individuals as well as bed and breakfasts, and professional cooks.
Curricula—We can develop curricula to be used in classroom, as we have for several universities, community colleges, and technical colleges—or for your business.
Door Hangers—We can get your door hanger printer-ready, as we have for others including a professional outdoor play equipment installer.
E-book formatting—Amazon requires specific formatting, which we have done.
E-books—We can ghostwrite a book, or take your notes and write from that, or edit what you have, as we have done for others.
Editing— We proofread and edit law journals and educational journals for

college professors, and other professionals.  Edit newsletters, manuscripts,

articles, and other written material.  Some of our favorites are inspirational

and coaching books.
E-Magazines-- Design content, supervise and collaborate with other writers,

website designers, and editors to prepare quality publication from start to finish. 

We have helped other publishers with these tasks.
Facebook Posts—Too busy to post on your business Facebook page?  We

can help, as we’ve helped others.
FAQs—Some businesses like to have an FAQ page.  We can create one with questions common to your business.
Fund Raising Materials—Whether you are targeting individuals or businesses, we can help.
Ghostwriter—Have a book idea, but don’t think you can write it or have time to write it?  We can do it for you—whether it is fiction, or nonfiction.
Google Ads—We write your Google ad for you within the required word length, as we have for other industries.
Grant Proposal—We can help you get that grant proposal finished; we even helped a small aviation company get financing for underprivileged youth.
Greeting Cards-- Design business greeting cards for you to send to your clients or customers.
Instructional Materials –We write instructional materials and contracts for employees.

Job Ads— We write those longer job ads.

Landing Page—The Landing Page is the page people “land on” when they go to your website.  Generally this is the Home page.  We get a lot of calls for this—from a bartering organization, to real estate developers, to business messaging systems to construction companies—the sky is the limit.
Magazines-- Design layout; write articles; prepare content; collaborate with other writers, graphic artists, and editors to prepare quality publication from start to finish.  We have helped several small publishers with this.
Maintenance Manuals & Materials—Manuals and materials needed for maintenance of equipment of facility, including a retail store.
Newsletters--Develop various newsletters for various industries, including nonprofits, and medical facilities.
Online Curricula—We write entire online courses, including lectures, quizzes, discussion questions, and even exams on a variety of topics.
Online User Guide –Online instructions for various products, including those manufactured by large corporations.
Policy and Procedure Manuals—You could save on your business insurance rates by having a policy and procedure manual.   It also is good to have one for your employees.  Often times policy and procedure manuals

are needed for licensing.  We have written some interesting ones including a chemical

dependency program, a pharmaceutical company, and an in-home care organization.
Postcards—We can design your postcard to be print-ready, as we have for others

including those in the service industry.
PowerPoint Presentations—We can start from your notes, or can enhance what you

have, as we have for daycare facilities a small public relations company, authors,

and small businesses.
Press Releases—We write press releases for businesses resulting in TV coverage,

radio, and newspaper coverage.  Our clients are varied.
Presentations—We can put together a professional presentation for you to deliver to a group, as we have for networkers.
Product Descriptions—These help sell your products, as they have for an essential oil company, a beauty product company, and a recreational equipment company.
Product Photos—We can take (local) photos of your products.
Promotional Materials—We will write promotional materials for products, including:  subscription brochures, contest materials, travel promotions, customer solicitations, product sell sheets, and product brochures.  Our clients have included a health club, a travel agency, a real estate company, a repair service, and a large corporation.
Proposals—We can write a proposal for you to submit to a client or customer or investor, as we have for inventors and business professionals.
Real Estate Descriptions—When selling high-end homes, a longer story-like description is often desired, as we have been told by our real estate agents.
Reports—We can put together a report of your findings.
Research—We will research your competitor’s products, or other topics as we have for other businesses including a mattress company, a drug testing company, and an essential oil company.
Resumes—Whether you need a resume for yourself, a group resume for partners striving for contracts, or a government resume, we can write it for you, as we have for many others.
Sales Letters—Even though you may not use snail mail, you should still be sending sales letters; our clients do.
Sell Sheets—A sell sheet is a single sheet selling your service or product, so whether you are a

realtor, an author, a life coach, or just you, have us create a sell sheet.
SEO Copy—We can write your copy with your researched keywords for search engine

Social Media Content—Do you need someone to manage your social media?  We can do that!
Speeches—Write speeches for business professionals; we have also written a speech for a

prominent person to deliver in Washington DC.
Story—We can write a short story of your business or an event, and can post these on Facebook,

put in a press release, or format as an e-book.
Summary of Accomplishments—If you keep a log of things you do on your job, we can put it into a summary, as we have for people in the service industries.
Table of Contents—Having trouble putting in an electronic table of contents into a book, report, manuscript of other writing?  We can do that for you; we have for authors.
Tables—We can take your data and put it on a table (or chart or graph) for you.
Talking Business Cards—You now can have a talking business card to embed on your website; we find these fun to create.
Training Manuals and Materials—We will write training materials for your employees or agents.
Twitter Posts—We can write Twitter posts for you to Tweet, or you can have us Tweet them,

as we have done for authors, and business professionals.
User Guides-- User manuals are needed for various products; we have even written

them for security systems.
Video Clips—We can film you at work if you are local, or you can send us a clip and we

can edit and put on YouTube for you.
Website Content—We will write your website content for you.  We have done  this for

a variety of businesses, including real estate, health, travel, investments, advisors,

consultants, limo service, coaching, and many others.
Whiteboard Videos—Placing a whiteboard video on your website gives the website

some action, and helps to retain the customer’s interest.
Writers’ Classes—We can deliver writing classes in various locations.  Minnesota, Texas,

and Florida are at the top of our list.
Writers’ Workshops—We can put together a writers’ workshop for you, as we have for a publisher of a writers’ magazine.

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