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Writing Negative Messages

Writing a negative message can be difficult for some.  Perhaps there is a person that works for you, who doesn’t practice good personal hygiene, or someone who constantly comes in late, or someone who visits with other coworkers rather than does his or her work.  This negative message needs to be delivered to the person, but how can you do it in a way to minimize the other person’s possible anger?  This guide will tell you how to do that.  Document was written by a business writing college professor. $29

Press Release

Do you have someone on staff who can write but doesn’t know how to write a press release?  Answer minimal questions on one form and then put into a Press Release in proper format.  Great way to save money as it can be used over and over.  This was written by professional writer who has written many press releases that got into the media. $29

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Nondisclosure Agreement

Often times one needs a nondisclosure agreement, whether it is before showing a business plan or other financial or proprietary documents.  Now you can get this legal document, and just insert your name and have it signed.  Original document was written by attorney, and used by many of our clients.  $39

Business Plan     Only  $99

Putting your ideas on paper is key to getting financial backing for your business.  Do you have the bits and pieces for a business plan but don’t quite know how to put it together?  Or are you clueless of what you will need to gather together for a comprehensive business plan?  Either way, if you are reluctant to hire a professional writer to write the entire thing for you, you can purchase this 21-page document that tells you exactly what you will need and how to write it, and save hundreds of dollars.  This document also provides guidance for preparing the financial sections of the business plan.  With this guide you can walk through the steps to completion of a great business plan, critical for financial backing; written by professional who has written many business plans that have met with success.

Incorporation Papers  Only $49

Do you need or want to incorporate, but don’t want to pay a lawyer exorbitant fees?  With this legal document, all you need to do is insert minimal information such as your corporation name, and contact information, and then you are ready to drop it in the mail.  Original document was written by attorney, and used by many of our clients.

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Bad News Letters

Do you have to write bad news (a credit refusal, a termination of employment or services letter, a notice of other bad news?  Then you should purchase this guide on how and what to put in the bad news letter.  Document was written by a business writing college professor.  $29